Our Supportive Services:

Live Harm Reduction Support at Events

Karmik has been around since 2014, offering pragmatic harm reduction services to over 9 festivals and 200 nightlife events along the West coast and abroad. We are committed to promoting a safer culture within the festival/EDM community and would love to work with you at your upcoming event.


In acknowledging the fact that aspects of party culture are inherently hazardous, we encourage safer practices while emphasizing peer support and non-judgemental perspectives. At events in Vancouver, BC, we provide attendees with sexual health supplies such as condoms and lube to promote safer sex, as well as sanitary straws to prevent the spread of HIV and Hep C through the use of insufflated drugs. Earplugs, water, and info cards are also available at our booths. At larger events and festivals we go beyond these services, offering festival health spaces, mobile outreach teams, and optional drug checking tents.


Our festival health spaces are designed to provide a safe space for festival attendees to calm down and seek support in traumatic situations. Staffed by Karmik coordinators and trained peer support volunteers, we strive to provide meaningful connections for those struggling with adverse effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as those who cannot find their friends, or who simply need someone sober to talk to. In order to create an inviting space, we set up themed decorations and therapeutic activities such as Lego and art stations. We also have the capacity to run workshops in our space. The festival health space also helps to deal with strain on the capacity of the medical team; chill zone staff monitor individuals who have been medically cleared, but still require a supportive environment.


In addition to setting up and operating the chill zone, we offer roaming outreach teams to better facilitate safety and reduce harm in festival settings. These teams act as extra eyes for the medical staff, and communicate in situations where medical care is necessary. Our outreach teams also serve to distribute supplies and facilitate discussion around consent, peer support, and safer partying practices.


Another service that we offer at festivals is drug checking. While our staff do not condone or condemn the use of drugs, the harm associated with substance use is drastically increased when illicit drugs are misleadingly sold as other compounds, or are cut with adulterants. Reagent kits offered in our drug checking tent help to reduce the risk of overdose and trauma resulting from unknowingly ingested substances.

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