Munroe Craig

munroe (@) karmik.ca

Founder/Outreach Director/Naloxone

Munroe Craig holds a Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Major in Addictions, as well as a substance use counselor diploma. She is an addiction counselor and operates from a philosophy of harm reduction in all aspects of her profession; specializing in expressive and creative therapies, she is also an active artist. Munroe’s supportive focus is street entrenched, highly resistant youth & those with concurrent disorders. Munroe is a naloxone trainer with TowardTheHeart, training young adults and larger businesses such as music festivals, venues and more through Karmik Naloxone 604. Currently, she is employed by the SpencerCreo Foundation as a support worker in the DTES and works frontline mental health and addictions with RainCity. Munroe's personal experience growing up in the electronic music and festival community solidified her views on harm reduction and alternative healing capacities, setting in place the foundation for Karmik to evolve. Munroe also is the Director of Harm Reduction for the annual Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco, Costa Rica, which works in collaboration with the Central American harm reduction supports ACEID, ReverdeSer Colectivo & Programa de Análisis de Sustancias.

Alex Betsos

alex (@) karmik.ca

Co-Founder/Volunteer Coordinator

Alex Betsos is the Volunteer Coordinator for Karmik, and is involved with organizing and running the volunteer training as well as coordinating volunteers and staff for events. Alex is sociology and anthropology honours student at Simon Fraser University with an interest in deviance, care, and the body. Growing up in Toronto, where the TRIP Project facilitates safer partying, Alex wondered how he might be able to implement safer nightlife practices in Vancouver. After going through TRIP Project’s training process with the desire of bringing something similar to Vancouver through Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP), Alex coordinated with previous CSSDP-SFU Vice President Margaret Yu to try and establish a project similar in scope to what the TRIP Project offered in Vancouver. Alex is also the former Personnel Liaison for the CSSDP National Board, and has attended conferences on their behalf including: Reform Conference, SSDP’s National Conference (where he participated in a panel on ethical drug consumption), and participated in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on narcotic drugs as a member of one of the civil societies. He currently sits on CSSDP’s board as a Strategic Advisor.

Cameron Schwartz

cam (@) karmik.ca

Research Director

Cameron Schwartz is the Research Director for Karmik and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health. Cameron has extensive experience managing harm reduction and ‘festival health’ spaces at music festivals within and outside of Canada, and works as a shift lead at outreach events with Karmik. Alongside outreach work, Cameron’s focus is in advancing the evidence-base and availability of harm reduction and health promotion in nightlife communities.

Elliott Govia

elliott (@) karmik.ca

Live Events Coordinator

Vancouver native, Elliott Govia started off as a volunteer live events support worker with Karmik. 2016 Karmik Rookie of the Year, he has recently filled the position as Live Events Coordinator with Karmik. Bachelor's degree in Arts with a major in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, with a focus in cognitive neuroscience, psychopharmacology, clinical psychology, and addictions. Elliott has been a Lifeguard for the City of Surrey since 2009, and has had plenty of first aid experience; coupled with his academic career, he is an outstanding members of the team. At Karmik, Elliott is involved in working at live settings, music festivals and local events to spread awareness and education of harm reduction - while making sure everyone is safe and having fun. He has a passion for counselling and has coordinated many events; he will continue to pursue harm reduction across Vancouver alongside Karmik and their associates.

Robert Gleimius

robert (@) karmik.ca

Volunteer Coordinator

Robert Gleimius is the Volunteer Co-ordinator for Karmik, and is pursuing an Master’s in Counselling Psychology. His passion to connect with people started his harm reduction career at Shambhala in 2015. Since meeting Karmik in 2016 he has worked at multiple late night events across Vancouver and at festivals, working to bring about a culture shift of non-judgemental harm reduction into the forefront. Robert has also been a volunteer at the Fraser Health Crisis line since 2015. He is involved with the MAPS Canada, a group bringing new paradigms of using substances in therapy to facilitate healing for those suffering with trauma.
His master's degree work is focusing on using sensorimotor, and mindfulness techniques to treat trauma and addiction.

Gareth Crawford

gareth (@) karmik.ca

Communications Consultant

Gareth is a Media Account Consultant by day & DJ by night under the stage name Condens8. He holds a Double Major Bachelors Degree in Communications & Political Science. He is a former nightlife promoter and founder of the WetcoastBeats.ca crew. He has thrown over 70 events in Vancouver Nightclubs, Lounges, and Warehouses. His personal experience in the nightlife community made him aware of the need for harm reduction on-site at events. He is extremely passionate about educating the younger generations on safer party practises and consent culture through new forms of media. He plays a vital role behind the scenes by overseeing all of the Social Media and PR initiatives. He has expanded Karmiks online presence locally and internationally since joining the team in July 2015. Gareth strongly believes in the destigmitization of people who use drugs and advocates for compassionate drug policy that addresses the issue as a health, rather than criminal one. His duties with Karmik include Social Media, Public Relations, Website & Graphic Design.

Emily Grant

emily (@) karmik.ca

Live Event Coordinator, Drug Checking Lead

Emily Grant is a volunteer coordinator with Karmik. For many years Emily worked as as front line mental health and addiction support, and she is currently the program manager of a Transitional Housing building in Vancouver's downtown Eastside. She is also an addictions counsellor who utilizes a harm reduction approach within her work. Emily has extensive experience facilitating group trainings and working within a marginalized population.

Brian McIntyre

briangeorgemcintyre (@) gmail.com

Live Coordinator

Brian is a live event coordinator for Karmik and has an Associate of Arts Diploma in Global Stewardship. Brian Chose to get involved with Karmik for his love of festival and music culture. Other past experiences include being an assistant director for a forestry education camp and teaching workshops based around leadership and teams. Brian is always seeking out new and exciting opportunities for Karmik to get involved with and is actively doing outreach work at events to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Kelsey Benning

Live Coordinator

Kelsey might not have ever known of Karmik if it hadn't been for a series of events that opened her eyes to the need for harm reduction. A major accident halted her working in film, and the tragic loss of a dear friend changed her views on the need to party safely. Moving at a much slower pace at festivals post injuries, Kelsey noticed people struggling for the first time. She became curious about sanctuary spaces and outreach, and took a new interested in accessibility. This journey led her to Karmik volunteer training. At the end of 2016 she started as a live events coordinator, and it has been a rewarding, challenging, educational, experience with fascinating, kind, diverse, beautiful people. Karmik

Trainers & Peers

Jules Steiner

“Nurse Naloxone”

Registered Nurse

Born and raised in Richmond, BC, Jules obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC Okanagan in 2015. Her first nursing job was spent working as a Camp Nurse at a Jewish summer camp on Gabriola Island. After this, she spent a year working in medicine at Vancouver General Hospital before making the transition into community health care. Currently, she works in HIV care at a clinic in the Downtown Eastside, but in her spare time she is also a co-facilitator with Munroe Craig as a part of Karmik Naloxone 604. She also has a passion for festival nursing, having spent a few summers volunteering for The Vancouver Folk Music Festival and Basscoast Electronic Music and Arts Festival. Working in the Downtown Eastside and participating in local festival and rave culture has given Jules a wider perspective on how to incorporate harm reduction into her nursing practice and into her everyday life.