Karmik’s Munroe Craig is a naloxone trainer with the TowardTheHeart program in British Columbia. She operates her own site 529, and also holds regular naloxone training sessions for peers and the community.

Recognizing that our communities are our strongest assets, Karmik also regularly facilitates the training of interested peers in communities through the public health supported “Train the Trainer” program. After attending training, peers are then able to attend sessions with Karmik, experiencing roles of co facilitation with naloxone workshops. Once comfortable, peers are then able to train within their own communities and stay connected to public health through Karmik Naloxone 604. We always welcome our peers attending workshops and incredibly humbled by their connection to us! Let’s do this together.

Karmik’s Munroe Craig is also our representative on the province wide task for group for naloxone. We are actively involved in creating and changing province wide recommendations for our communities, and supporting evidence based policies.

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Munroe Craig

munroe (@) karmik.ca

Founder/Outreach Director/Naloxone

Munroe Craig holds a Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Major in Addictions, as well as a substance use counselor diploma. She is an addiction counselor and operates from a philosophy of harm reduction in all aspects of her profession; specializing in expressive and creative therapies, she is also an active artist. Munroe’s supportive focus is street entrenched, highly resistant youth & those with concurrent disorders. Munroe is a naloxone trainer with TowardTheHeart, training young adults and larger businesses such as music festivals, venues and more through Karmik Naloxone 604. Currently, she is employed by the SpencerCreo Foundation as a support worker in the DTES and works frontline mental health and addictions with RainCity. Munroe's personal experience growing up in the electronic music and festival community solidified her views on harm reduction and alternative healing capacities, setting in place the foundation for Karmik to evolve. Munroe also is the Director of Harm Reduction for the annual Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco, Costa Rica, which works in collaboration with the Central American harm reduction supports ACEID, ReverdeSer Colectivo & Programa de Análisis de Sustancias.

Jules Steiner

“Nurse Naloxone”

Registered Nurse

Born and raised in Richmond, BC, Jules obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC Okanagan in 2015. Her first nursing job was spent working as a Camp Nurse at a Jewish summer camp on Gabriola Island. After this, she spent a year working in medicine at Vancouver General Hospital before making the transition into community health care. Currently, she works in HIV care at a clinic in the Downtown Eastside, but in her spare time she is also a co-facilitator with Munroe Craig as a part of Karmik Naloxone 604. She also has a passion for festival nursing, having spent a few summers volunteering for The Vancouver Folk Music Festival and Basscoast Electronic Music and Arts Festival. Working in the Downtown Eastside and participating in local festival and rave culture has given Jules a wider perspective on how to incorporate harm reduction into her nursing practice and into her everyday life.